Rainbow of colors, don’t be fooled

Let’s-take a journey and see the final house that will be ours
City of the deceased, the graveyard that will be ours
See with open eyes the final resting place of ours.
So many acts of selfishness, and pride in the final report of ours.
Pay attention to the stone of every grave and take a look
The Poor and the rich are all under the same earth, take a look
Take a look, the final rest area is here, don’t have so much Pride.
In the pit that is so dark and so tight not just for one but, for all of us
Under the dust and on top a stone with our name, for all of us.
A stone which is the stone of “Lahab”
Then recite with me “Ghol hova-Allah’o Ahad”
End of this life is under the dust
Sooner or later A time of Death will be set for us.
Sooner or later A majlis will be held for us.
Sooner or later our turn will come for us.
Our body will be washed under the light.
Our mouth filled with the cloth, a* “kafan”
Now under the dust, our body will be laid.
After all this, we’ll be left with loneliness of the grave
Oh my!! If our actions were not adequate
Will be in Distress, Distress and Distress!!
Good for those whose actions are acceptable.
As Momeneen are those who are with Allah
In their actions they become Mirrors of the “Deen”
Oh Allah!! If you Let my hand go, I will be Miserable.
Oh Allah!! If you Let my hand go,I will be Miserable
Oh Allah!! If I become a Slave of this world ,I will be miserable.
Slave to the praise and words of others is being miserable.
Becoming Blind and forgetting Allah is being miserable.
Wow what a car, what a property, so much wealth.
When will you become a free man from so much filth?
My belongings, My buildings, My bank accounts.
My throne, My Strength, My Position is short in this life of mine
O Allah have patience and forgive me for so much arrogance.
O Allah Hold my hand and protect me from selfishness.
Oh, My dear the final stop is under the earth
O Allah bless those who are light in their deeds.
O Allah bless those who understood before they were deceased.
This Dunya Is a Rainbow of colors don’t be fooled.

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