A Cure for Your Remedies

Written by Batool Fatima

Your grief sways you
A little towards the ground
Another burden perhaps,
Leaves you less safe and sound
A violent thrust hauls you down
And now you’re in distress
On your knees and lonesome
No way out of this mess
The fear creeps up your ears and into your brain
Your head is dense with commotion
Silent cries but in vain
Your thoughts begin the search of one last elope
The clouds part, the sun arrives
Bringing one last hope
Your Lord calls and says, come to prayer and come to success
The knots begin to untangle
Is this your way out of the mess?
In search of answers you bow down to your Lord
First on your feet, then your knees
Head down for reward
Did He not promise, with hardship, ease?
Did He not say with prayer, problems will cease?
So take one step towards Him
He will take ten towards you
If only you’d walk towards Him
You’ll find Him running too.

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