The Love of a Mother

I never imagined I could be this strong. I have two children named
Ruqayya (pictured) and Dunya, and before my husband died I looked
after them and didn’t do too much outside the house. I never really
imagined life without him and didn’t think that one day I would do all the work myself. But now he is gone, I am their father and their mother. I miss him. When he passed away, I couldn’t help but cry every day. But then I made a decision – to be strong for my children. I play with them and try my best to smile. I have a soft heart. but I need to be strong. It’s not only the children who are faced with loss when they are orphaned. It’s the wife and the mother too. I am grateful for the support of Al-Ayn not only have they given me the resources my family needs to survive, they have given me a community and friends. I look forward to going to the office every month to collect financial aid because we have workshops on important life skills and I can meet new people and make friends.

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